48-215 '75th Anniversary' Holden - The Final Chapter (Limited Edition)

48-215 '75th Anniversary' Holden - The Final Chapter (Limited Edition)

48-215 '75th Anniversary' Holden - The Final Chapter (Limited Edition)

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A true collector's edition.

Discover the Holden Final Chapter - 48-215 Anniversary Edition, a must-have for automotive enthusiasts. This exclusive edition includes exciting bonus features.

As Holden enters a new era as a Service and Parts provider for the 1.6 Million Holdens still on the road, we celebrate the remarkable Australian icon's history through The Final Chapter - a collection of limited edition treasures.

This epic 875-page book, divided into 4 Volumes, delves into classic cars, heart-pounding muscle cars, Holden's renowned innovation and design processes, and its significant contribution to Australia's automotive and motorsport history.

**Exclusive Features**

- Collectible Card Set: Immerse yourself in Holden's captivating world with a limited-edition set of collectible cards, featuring stunning imagery and fascinating brand history.

- Numbered Build Plate: Each book in this exclusive edition includes a numbered build plate for added authenticity. Choose from only 100 gold, 250 silver, or 650 bronze numbered build plates to own a unique piece of Holden history.

Whether you're a devoted Holden enthusiast or simply intrigued by its captivating story, this book is an essential addition to your collection. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of automotive heritage!

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Possibly the best weeks wage I’ve ever spent 😂


Extremely efficient in processing our order especially through this difficult time.

Amber Hobson

Good quality product, very informative sales staff

Steven Evans

This company is fantastic to deal with and their products are awesome.

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