Acceptance Of Sale


The Final Chapter 2nd Edition acceptance of sale

Please note: Orders after 17th of December 2021 will not be dispatched until mid January 2022.

Dear Holden Fans,
The below outlines the conditions associated with the sale of this wonderful collection of Holdens history.
The books will be on sale from the 1st of May and ongoing.
The opportunity to get your photo of your beloved Holden will only be open from the 1st of May to 4th of July.
The badges will be selected on the 5th of May once the competition closes for the badges selection and the results will be published on the 6th of May.
The time frame will be an approximate and The Distributor Company cant be held responsible for events such as Covid or delays in sea freight shipping.
We do expect the book set to arrive on the 4th quarter of 2021 and further updates will be given throughout the months leading up to the arrival of the books.
Thank you, The Distributor Company,
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