The Evolution of Automotive Passion: Cameron McLean's Journey from Golf to Publishing Legendary Car Books

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In the world of motoring enthusiasts, few stories capture the spirit of passion and innovation quite like that of Cameron McLean, CEO of The Distributor Company. Once a professional golfer, McLean has shifted gears into a niche yet fascinating realm—publishing exquisite motoring publications that serve as treasured memorabilia for car lovers.

A Shift from Greens to Gears

Cameron McLean's career began in an unlikely place: the golf course. As a professional golfer, McLean's life was initially shaped around the links. However, a shift in market dynamics saw him exploring the world of merchandise, eventually paving the way for his entry into automotive publishing. McLean's transition was driven by an acute business sense and a knack for seizing opportunities—skills that he had honed during his golfing years.

Publishing Motoring History

The Distributor Company, under McLean's leadership, has carved a niche in creating high-quality, comprehensive books that document the history of iconic automotive brands like Holden and HSV. These aren't just books; they're a gateway to the past, packed with narratives, photographs, and insights that can't be found elsewhere. For instance, "Holden The Final Chapter" and "The Ultimate Collection of HSV History" are not just texts but storied collections that bring automotive history to life.

The Intricacies of Automotive Memorabilia

The creation of these books is a testament to McLean's attention to detail and commitment to quality. From choosing the right paper and binding to involving the right historians and designers, every element is meticulously crafted. These books are expensive, a direct reflection of their quality and the rarity of the content they encapsulate. McLean’s approach goes beyond mere publishing; it’s about creating a legacy item that grows in value over time.

Engaging with Enthusiasts

McLean's engagement with the community is a critical aspect of his work. By involving car enthusiasts in the creation process—allowing them to submit their car photos for inclusion in the books—McLean not only enriches the content but also strengthens the bond within the car enthusiast community. This participatory approach has turned ordinary buyers into passionate contributors to the archival process.

The Future of Automotive Memorabilia

Looking ahead, McLean’s plans involve expanding his licensing agreements and exploring new avenues to celebrate automotive heritage. With projects like the Sandman anniversary products, McLean continues to innovate, ensuring that the legacy of iconic brands like Holden and HSV is preserved and cherished.


Cameron McLean’s journey from the golf green to the publisher’s desk is more than just a career shift. It’s a vivid illustration of how passion, when redirected, can unearth new opportunities and preserve the legacies of the past. For car enthusiasts and historians alike, McLean’s work offers a bridge to the golden days of Australian motoring, ensuring that the stories of these legendary vehicles continue to inspire generations to come.

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